Pet Grooming

How Our Laguna Niguel Veterinarians Can Assist Your Pet

At Alicia Pacific Veterinary Center, we know how to keep your pet looking their best. After all, looking good and feeling good are closely intertwined, aren't they? That's why you should allow us to assist your pets with all of their grooming needs. The grooming services that we have to offer are top-notch, whether you are looking to care for your dog or cat. We are available on an appointment-only basis, so be sure to keep that in mind before coming in for a grooming session for your pet.


What Are The Benefits of Pet Grooming?

Of course, numerous benefits are associated with pet grooming. For example, several breeds are prone to developing fur related issues. Unfortunately, these are issues that our pets are not accustomed to dealing with on their own. When fur becomes tangled or knotted, it creates a constant pull on the skin. Now if you imagine that feeling all over your body, you can understand how that might cause a bit of discomfort. The same goes for pets who have hair that has started to grow over their eyes. These animals are unable to see and as you may have expected, this causes frustration.

Hair grooming isn’t just geared for comfort. When a pet’s fur becomes matted or has dander, it can irritate the skin. When the skin becomes irritated the pet will often scratch the area which can sometimes cause lesions that can become infected. Luckily, a little grooming can prevent this from happening.

With regular grooming, your veterinarian can also check for bumps, lumps, or any injuries as well as eliminate the presence of any ticks from their coat.

Pet Grooming Amenities

Pets who visit Alicia Pacific Veterinary Center are able to enjoy specially formulated shampoos that are designed to assist various cats and dogs. Seasonal cuts are also provided, keeping animals from experiencing the annoyance of a floppy hairdo during the summer months. Whether your pet needs to have their hair trimmed so that it is not in their eyes or get a medical shave down, we have a veterinarian that can help.

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If you are in the Laguna Niguel area and would like to schedule an appointment for your furry friend, please contact Alicia Pacific Veterinary Center. We can provide your pet with the comfort and style they deserve to live a long and healthy life.

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