Pet Resort in Laguna Niguel

Short And Long Term Stays Available

We offer short and long-term pet resort accommodation. If you just need someone to look after your pet for the day, we do accommodate day boarders. Additionally, we can keep your pet overnight or for several days in long-term boarding cases. As noted, we accept cats and dogs, but please make sure they are flea-free and up to date on their vaccinations. If we find fleas, we will treat them with Capstar to eliminate the pests and keep your pet and the others in our boarding facility healthy.

A Safe Pet Resort

Does your furry best friend need a safe place to stay while you are at work or out for the day? Our staff has the skills to care for your pet and keep them comfortable and calm while you are away. When you choose our pet resort, you can rest assured knowing that your beloved companion is in good hands. In addition to keeping your family safe and warm, we offer additional services like grooming and medication administration upon request. Choose Alicia Pacific Veterinary Center for your Pet Resort in Laguna Niguel.

Resort For Dogs And Cats

We love both cats and dogs and offer pet boarding facilities for both types of animals. If your pet takes medicine, you can choose optional medication administration. We also offer grooming services for your pet as an add-on to boarding.

During your dog's stay, we will provide plenty of chances for activity to keep your pooch from getting bored. Daily walking and playing with our staff both keep your dog happy and healthy while it stays with us.

We care about your feline family, too. Cats also get regular entertainment, socialization, and stimulating play each day.

Above all else, we work to keep your pets healthy and well-cared for until you return. Whether you choose short or long-term boarding options, you can trust our staff to give your pet the care it needs.

If you will have your pet stay with us, be sure to print and fill out the pet boarding information form. This form lets us know how to best care for your pet. We learn from this form whether your cat or dog needs medication and if you want a veterinarian to examine your pet during its stay.

Schedule Your Pet's Stay with Us

If you would like your cat or dog to have comfortable accommodations and professional care while you are out, contact us at Alicia Pacific Veterinary Clinic in Laguna Niguel. With our pet resort facility, you won't have to worry about your cat or dog. It's in good hands with our staff. For more information about our pet boarding facility or to schedule your pet's stay, contact us today online or by phone at (949) 388-8499.

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