Animal Euthanasia

We know how much you care about your pet. Your animal gives you happiness, comfort, and unconditional love, and in turn, your pet depends on you for good nutrition, health care, attention, and affection. Despite your best efforts, there will eventually come a time when your pet’s life comes to an end. When your pet reaches the point at which quality of life has deteriorated and ending his or her suffering is the most compassionate thing to do, we at Alicia Pacific Veterinary in Laguna Niguel are here to provide euthanasia.


Making the Decision

A decision that no pet owner will ever want to make is deciding whether to put their pet down. If your pet is suffering without any signs of improvement, the best option may be to put him or her down. While it may be a very difficult choice, it is important to understand that you do not want your pet to suffer any more than necessary. There are a few things to take into consideration when determining if euthanasia is the right option for your pet like:

  • Your pet’s mobility
  • His or her appetite
  • Breathing
  • Comfort
  • Toilet habits
  • Mental capacity
  • Response to treatment
  • General well-being

If your pet is struggling to perform any of these conditions properly and veterinary care has done all it can, then it may be time to consider speaking to our team about euthanasia. Regardless, you will always have the final say on whether or not it is time for your pet.

The Process

If you decide it is time to put your pet to sleep, it is important to be aware of the process involved. Pets will usually be given a sedative before the euthanasia drug. If the pet cannot relax or if he or she is scared, we will use a sedative. If your pet is already very sick or having difficulty breathing, he or she may not need the sedative. Our veterinarian will talk you through the process every step of the way.

What happens after?

Following the procedure, you have the option to have your pet buried or cremated at a pet cemetery. We can arrange for the cremation to take place. You have the option of keeping your pet's ashes to scatter or keep.

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