Other Services

Wellness Exams:

What's included in our Wellness Care

Holistic Remedies

Nutritional and vitamin supplements in stock daily.

CT Scans

We now have access to a mobile CT scan when nessessary. Learn more here.

Senior Pet Care

We understand the senior pets need special care and attention.

Pet Anal Gland Treatment

This may be an unpleasant task for a pet owner, so we recommend consulting us for anal gland expression, flushing, packing.

Progesterone Testing

This test can help those looking to breed dogs at the optimal time for the female.

Pet Ear Care

Let's take a closer look at ear infections and how we can treat them with the right treatments.

Pet Bathing

If you are interested in learning more about pet bathing and how it can benefit your pet, continue reading to learn more important information.