Pet Bathing


If you are working full time and have a busy schedule, it can seem difficult to make sure your pet has everything they need. Household duties are often left to the weekend, like bathing your pets. While there doesn't seem to be enough time in a day to complete all the chores around the house, time should be made for bathing your furry friends. The Alicia Pacific Veterinary in Laguna Niguel wants you to know why pet bathing is so important. If you are interested in learning more about pet bathing and how it can benefit your pet, continue reading to learn more important information.


Infection Prevention

When you groom your pet at home, you may not notice if your pet has infected ears or teeth and gums. A veterinarian who does pet bathing will. She's trained in what to look for, and as the process continues, she'll catch whatever is wrong in the head, mouth, ears, feet, and body.

Protection Of Feet

A dog whose nails aren't clipped regularly can injure his feet walking or running around the house and grounds. When your pet is professionally bathed, the nails are clipped and ground. This prevents damage to the animal's feet and nails.

Prevents Pests And Germs

When your pet scratches themself, the first thing you think of is fleas. You might take them to your veterinarian for treatment. If the vet bathes him while he's there, she can kill any germs or bacteria causing skin and fur problems. No more scratching, and you have a clean and sweet-smelling pet.

Prevents Fur Shedding

Every animal sheds its fur. Unfortunately, it gets all over the furniture and beds. When your vet bathes your pet, she'll brush the animal first. This gets rid of excess fur. Next, she'll bathe the animal which keeps the fur that's left clean, healthy, and shed-free (for a while at least.)

Keeps The Animal Comfortable

Everyone loves a steamy, hot shower after a long and stressful day. It relaxes us, especially if there's a massage feature on the shower head. Your dog feels the same way. Vets who bathe your pets usually use a massaging technique to relax the animal. She'll also make sure the fur doesn't get tangled and messy.

Home Cleanliness

Indoor air quality is so important that it should be homeowners' and pet owners' first thought. The illnesses that can come from bad indoor air quality can be dangerous in addition to expensive to treat.

Keeping your pets' fur clean and brushed goes far toward keeping the air quality indoors at its best. Pet dander and fur are one of the first things that clog the HVAC filters. Vets who do pet bathing are also indirectly benefiting your home environment.

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While bathing your pets gives you great bonding time with them, having them bathed by your veterinarian does more for your pets than simply washing them. It helps them prevent infection and helps them become cleaner! Give your pet all the care they need by having them bathed by the Alicia Pacific Veterinary Center in Laguna Niguel, CA.

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