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Alicia Pacific Veterinary Center is a full-service animal hospital in Laguna Niguel, offering a variety of services for animals. Whether your pet is in need of emergency treatment or simple routine medical, surgical and dental care, Dr. Christina Haney has the experience and background to ensure that your animal is in the best hands. The safety and well being of your pet is our top priority, and we make it our goal to provide everyone with the best vet care in Laguna Niguel. Contact us today to learn more.

For new clients and those who may not be familiar with our practice, and more specifically, Christina, in this blog post we’ll take a closer look at her background, experience, and why she should be your Laguna Niguel veterinarian of choice.

A bright red and white sign with an arrow  that reads “Veterinary Emergency”.

Experienced in Critical Care and Emergency Services

Accidents and emergencies are never fun, nor are they planned, and the last thing that anyone wants for their pet is for them to be in a situation like this. Dr. Haney has years of experience in providing both critical care and emergency services for a variety of pets. Should you find your pet in a situation requiring them to receive emergency or critical care, you can have peace of mind in knowing that Dr. Haney is prepared and ready to help your pet get back to their normal and happy selves.

Acupuncture needle on Chinese Taoism symbol in a closeup

She Has Studied Traditional Chinese Medicine

In addition to having experience in routine checkups and everyday care for pets, Dr. Haney has also spent time studying Traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine has been used to help treat animals for centuries, through the use of herbs and other natural remedies.

A dog receiving laser acupuncture

Certified to Perform Acupuncture

Similar to the methods used to treat humans, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine can be incredibly effective and helpful in treating various medical issues that your pet may be facing. One of these methods is acupuncture, which Dr. Haney is also certified to perform. Your pet’s wellness and health is our number one priority, and we offer an array of different services to help us provide your pet with the best care possible.

Veterinarian treating an exotic grey bird.

Experience Treating Wide Range Of Pets

As if her experience and training in a wide variety of areas isn’t enough, Dr. Haney has experience treating a wide range of pets. While you may feel comfortable trying out a new vet if you have a cat or dog, when you trust your pet with Dr. Haney, you’re working with an experienced vet who's treated a wide variety of other pets at varying stages of their lives. She has the experience you need to have peace of mind in knowing your pet is in the hands of a caring and compassionate professional, who is experienced and ready to help your pet with whatever issues they may be having.

Your Local Laguna Niguel Veterinarian

By now you should be more familiar with both the level of experience and training Dr. Haney has accrued over the years. Alicia Pacific Veterinary Center is here to provide you with the best veterinary care in Laguna Niguel, offering both routine treatment and emergency care for your pets. Contact us today to set up your pet’s next appointment.

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