Wellness Checkups

Wellness checkups are a vital component of preventative medicine in pets. By bringing your pet in for a wellness checkup, you ensure diseases are found and treated before they become serious. Advancements in veterinary medicine have made previously deadly conditions much more manageable if caught early. At Alicia Pacific Veterinary Center, our staff has years of experience performing pet wellness exams in Laguna Niguel, CA, and the surrounding areas.


What to Expect

The first thing our veterinarian will do is weigh your pet. Weighing your pet gives our veterinarian an idea of your pet’s health over time. If your pet is overweight or obese, our veterinarian will recommend a diet for your pet. Weight fluctuations can be indicative of a larger problem in your pet, which our veterinarian will work with you to address.

Next, our veterinarian will perform a general checkup to look for surface-level problems and deformities. These problems include injuries, ticks, discomfort, and mobility issues. We will check for all of these, as well as any deficiencies in heart of lung function. This is a great time to communicate your pet’s health and habits with our veterinarian. This information is relevant to understanding your pet’s overall health.

Next, your pet’s file will be reviewed and examined. Our veterinarian will compare your pet’s current wellness checkup results with those of the past to monitor changes over time. Your pet’s file will also indicate if your pet needs any vaccinations, inoculations, or control treatments for worms and other parasites. Treatments your pet is behind on will be updated immediately.


When your pet is getting their wellness checkup done, you can also ask about wellness services. These are common and quickly administered services that your pet should be getting throughout their life. For instance, your pet may need to be microchipped, or you may want to get your pet tested for certain viruses or blood conditions. Either way, these services are a good idea and help to ensure that your pet is healthy and happy. Our veterinarian works with each pet individually to ensure they are given the care they require.

Wellness Checkups in Laguna Niguel, CA

You should bring your pet in for a wellness checkup at least once per year. Senior pets and newborn pets might require two or more per year. For more information on wellness checkups, or to schedule an appointment, call Alicia Pacific Veterinary Center at (949) 388-8499 or visit us online.

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